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Transmission Repair

If you’re looking for transmission repair near me in the Wilsonville area, then you’re in luck! Dick’s CJDR of Wilsonville is nearby and here to serve drivers around Woodburn, Portland, and other local towns.

You can learn more about transmission repair here on this page and then give us a call to schedule yours.

Transmission Repair Wilsonville, OR

Signs You’re Due for Transmission Repair

Shifting Problems At our service center, we recommend having your transmission checked by a factory-certified technician with every oil change. So, that’s roughly every 7,500 miles. Of course, if you do any heavy towing, hauling, or off-roading, then you may need to have your transmission checked more regularly.

In between visits, however, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for certain signs that you’re due for a transmission repair. These include:

  • Transmission grinding or other noises
  • Shifting problems
  • Gear slipping
  • Surges or movement delays

If any of these symptoms appear during your drives around town, schedule transmission repair at your local dealership’s service center as soon as possible and avoid driving until your vehicle has been checked over.

Checking Your Transmission Fluid

Transmission Fluid Service

If you’re having some issues with your transmission, you may need a repair. You may also be due for a transmission fluid flush. You can figure this out by following these steps to check your transmission fluid:

  • Put your car in Park or Neutral and run the engine
  • Open the hood and pull out the transmission dipstick
  • Make sure that the fluid appears pinkish or clear in color
  • Wipe the dipstick clean, reinsert it into the well, and pull it out again to check the fluid level

Fluid Flush If your transmission fluid appears burnt in color or has particles in it, it probably needs to be changed or flushed. The same is true if the fluid doesn’t reach the “fill” line when you reinsert it into the well and pull it out.

Schedule service with a factory-trained technician to have your transmission fluid flushed or changed. They can also check your transmission fluid for you if you prefer to have it looked over by a professional.

Keep in mind that, normally, your transmission fluid will need to be flushed roughly every 45,000 miles, but you may need to have this done sooner if you do any high impact driving like towing or off-roading.

Repair Your Transmission with Us

Do you think you’re due for a transmission repair near you? Contact the team at Dick’s CJDR of Wilsonville, serving drivers around Wilsonville, Woodburn, and Portland.

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