The Dick Inukai Legacy Lives On

Dick’s CJDR of Wilsonville: A Vital Member of The Wilsonville Community

Dick Inukai founded Dick’s Auto Group in 1985. He was born in a Japanese internment camp in Tule Lake, California. Many believed Dick was so passionate about working with local youth because he wanted to give them the childhood he never had. Today, Dick’s legacy as charitable member of the Portland region lives on through his children, Shannon and Scott. Scott is now the owner of Dick’s Auto Group while Shannon leads the Inukai Family Foundation. Please take the time to learn more about our company’s continued community outreach efforts and discover how we are able to make them happen.

The Family-Owned Legacy Lives on

Numerous dealerships have become large, public corporations to broaden vehicles’ selection in their showroom. Still, Dick’s Auto Group is proud to have remained family-owned and operated for many years. That’s why we have remained a vital contributor to the Hillsboro community and actively seek ways to contribute in our new communities of Canby and Wilsonville.

Working with The Boys & Girls Clubs

To support local youth and education, Dick helped expand the Hillsboro Boys & Girls Club in 2007 through fundraising and donations. Dick has successfully doubled its size and tripled the number of children who attend. Now known as the Inukai Family Boys & Girls Club, the club offers after-school activities and summer programs for children ages 6-18. Children have access to programs such as, “Character & Leadership,” and “Education & Career,” that are all aimed at helping their development and fostering their interests.

Today, Dick’s Auto Group continues to support local youth development through the Inukai Family Boys & Girls Club and the Inukai Family Foundation, which awards educational grants and scholarships to local students and teachers.

Contact Our Team Today

As an involved member of the Hillsboro, Canby and Wilsonville communities, we love hearing from everyone who lives here. If you would like more information on how we give back to the community or how you can get involved, please reach out to us online or give us a call at (503) 563-7222. We would love to have the opportunity to hear from you. Are you wondering how we are working to keep the community safe and healthy? Please learn more about our initiatives as we remain open for service and express car buying.