Ram 1500 Dashboard Light Guide

Ram 1500 Dashboard Light Guide

If you have a truck, like the Ram 1500, you know the importance of keeping up with maintenance and having the assurance that everything functions properly. As you navigate the roads of Wilsonville, Woodburn, and Portland, OR, you want to keep an eye on your dashboard for any indications that something requires your attention.

Here at Dick’s CJDR of Wilsonville, we are helping you by providing this Ram 1500 dashboard light guide. This will show you some of the signs you need to watch for as you drive and when you need to get your vehicle to a service center.

Brake Warning Light

The Brake Warning Light is a red indicator that shows the word “BRAKE” on your dashboard in all capital letters. This can appear for a variety of reasons. One of the most common is that your parking brake is activated.

However, this light can also mean several other things involving your brakes. You may be low on brake fluid, there could be a problem with the Anti-Lock Brake System, or there could be some other malfunction with the brake system.

What you should look for is if this indicator remains on. If the parking brake is disengaged and the light disappears, your vehicle should be fine. However, if it remains lit, you will want to take it to a service center as soon as possible.

Battery Charge Warning Light

Ram 1500 Battery Charge Warning LightThe Battery Charge Warning Light is also a red light in the shape of a car battery. When this light is on, it could mean there is an issue with the charging system. You will want to have this checked out by a service technician as soon as possible to assess and diagnose the situation.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Warning Light

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System Warning Light is an important part of your dashboard. This can show you when one of your tires has lower tire pressure than the rest and is in need of air. This light appears yellow and is easy to recognize, appearing as a partially deflated tire with an exclamation point inside.

Check Engine/Malfunction Indicator Warning Light

This is a common light on all vehicles that is usually the indicator of a potential issue. The Check Engine/Malfunction Indicator Warning Light appears for a variety of reasons and usually means you should have your vehicle checked.

When you see the yellow light in the image of an engine block, there could be an underlying issue with your engine or transmission. However, this indicator doesn’t always mean something is wrong with your engine. It may appear if your gas cap is loose. If this light remains on for a long period of time, you want to get it to a service center for a diagnosis.

Our Service Center Is Here to Help

Now that you know more about the Ram 1500 dashboard light guide and some of the indications you may see, you will want to monitor it while you are driving in the event that you need service. These various indications can be helpful in alerting you of potential services that are needed.

When the time comes for service, you can bring your Ram 1500 to us at Dick’s CJDR of Wilsonville. We are proud to service the vehicles of drivers in Wilsonville, Woodburn, and Portland, Oregon, and help them get back on the road safely. You can schedule your appointment with us today.


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