Jeep Service near Salem OR

Jeep Service near Salem OR

Dick’s CJDR of Wilsonville (CDJR) offers Jeep service near Salem, Oregon, so that clients can visit for a variety of vehicle maintenance needs. Your vehicle is one tough machine, but it may one day need some maintenance to address an issue or replace a part.

You can learn more about our service center in the article below. Feel free to schedule an appointment whenever your Jeep needs one!

Jeep Service Offerings 

Jeep Battery Service near Salem ORAll-encompassing maintenance can be found at our service center. We take note of the different systems within your vehicle in order to give them the care they need.

When you go to schedule service, you can request an oil change, brake repair, battery test, and more. If you’re experiencing an issue with your Jeep but don’t know the origin, our maintenance experts can perform an inspection to check out the entirety of your vehicle.

You can utilize our website to quickly schedule service and stay up-to-date on your yearly maintenance. Also, check out some different coupons we offer on our website that may be relevant to the service you need.

Mopar® Express Lane Service 

Certain repairs or maintenance can be done on the very day the issue comes up. We’re excited to offer our Mopar® Express Lane to our clients so that they can find a more convenient and efficient way to get important maintenance done.

Through our Mopar® Express Lane, we can change your vehicle’s oil, rotate its tires, top off its fluids, or add pressure to its tires, among other services. Best of all, you don’t need to schedule an appointment.

Now, you can quickly stop by to have something inspected or replaced. Got a burned-out bulb or a broken wiper blade? We can replace all of that, too!  Come by when you notice an issue, and our skilled technicians will take a look.

Order New Jeep Accessories & Tires

Jeep Tire Service near Salem ORYou can order official Mopar® accessories through our website if you’d like to update certain items on your Jeep. If you need new towing equipment, for example, consider ordering a wiring harness or hitch receiver so that you can get back to hauling important gear.

You can also browse through such selections as splash guards, roof rails, and interior cargo carrying accessories for extra organization of your items. Each one will help add a fresh new look to either the interior or exterior of your vehicle.

You’ll also be able to search for new tires online. Use the tire finder tool on our website to filter for your exact model, where you’ll then be presented with some different options.

You can learn the part number that goes with the tires so that you can ask for the correct ones here at our dealership. Our technicians will then be able to install your new set for you.

Schedule Jeep Service near Salem OR Today!

Jeep service near Salem, OR, is efficient and effective here at Dick’s CJDR of Wilsonville. When you know an appointment will be needed soon, you can quickly schedule it online. A pit stop on your day off to Mopar® Express Lane is also an optional route for you to take.

Whatever the choice, our team will be here to assist you with your maintenance. Contact us today if you need to schedule an appointment or have a maintenance-related question!


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